Homework at Wilson

Homework at Wilson


Upon reviewing available research, there are many questions and concerns regarding traditional homework specifically for elementary age children. At Wilson, we believe the primary purpose for learning beyond the school day is to support foundational skills such reading and provide an opportunity to practice responsibility in preparation for later grades. Below is additional information about the role of learning outside of school.

-The most important element of extending learning outside of school in elementary school is reading. The goal of reading at home is to foster a love of reading. Unless specified, the student is encouraged to read whatever material or genre he or she enjoys. The classroom teacher may (or may not) recommend a certain number of minutes. Shared reading, such as reading with a parent/guardian or sibling, is highly encouraged.

-We believe the extension of learning beyond the school day should be as authentic as possible and be supported by families. Rich learning activities such as cooking, exploring nature, playing board games, and communicating at meals are necessary for whole-child development. Children need time for play, family activity, and a good night of sleep.

-Occasionally, projects relating to subjects introduced in the classroom may have home connections which allow the student to further investigate a specific topic. Support at school with time and materials will be provided if needed to help students access project based learning.

-Optional additional opportunities to extend learning may be provided for families as needed/desired. We have a school-wide writing challenge for the 2016-17 school year called WOW (Writer’s of Wilson) and encourage participation by all Wilson students.