2018-2019 Student Transfer Process Opens March 1, 2018

Corvallis School District student transfers may be requested through our online process March 1 – 31, 2018 for the 2018-19 school year.

  • Grades K – 12 in-district and inter-district student transfer requests for enrollment in Corvallis schools will be made through the district’s online transfer application process during the month of March.  If the number of students seeking transfers exceeds the number of spaces available, an equitable lottery process will be used and school waiting lists created. Parents will be notified regarding offers of enrollment or placement on established wait lists by the end of April unless an extension is required.
  • Kindergartners requesting transfers are required to register at their neighborhood schools by March 31.  


Loving Wilson Campaign

Loving Wilson Direct Donation Drive

The Wilson PTA is pleased to announce that we have received a large donation and several smaller donations totaling $3,210 (over half the amount) toward our goal of $5,000 for our Loving Wilson Direct Donation Drive. Please consider giving a gift and help support our awesome kids and our Wellness programs at Wilson. The “Direct Donation Drive” allows parents and community members to give tax-deductible donations, which directly supports Wilson Elementary! Our website now includes a thermometer to update our progress. Check it out at www.wilsonwildcats.net (on the right sidebar).

Your support will be focused on Wellness this year! With your donations we hope to be able to:

  • Increase our nutrition education by expanding Classroom Food Adventures to additional classrooms!
  • Add more activities to the community Wellness Fair in the spring!
  • Expand the opportunities for outside play by buying new equipment and possibly a climbing wall!

There are several ways to give to the “Love Wilson” campaign:

  1. Write a check (made out to Wilson PTA with Loving Wilson on the memo line) or bring cash in an envelope and place it in the designated box in the office.
  2. Mail a check to Wilson Elementary School at 2701 NW Satinwood Street, Corvallis, Oregon 97330.
  3. Donate online through the Corvallis Schools Foundation website https://cpsfoundation.org/at and specify Wilson Elementary School/Loving Corvallis in the dropdown box.

Check out and pass along our Loving Wilson video! https://vimeo.com/246046921 We will be highlighting specific funding projects over the course of the year so that you can see how your dollars are impacting our Wildcat community. You can donate online at anytime, at the school during the school day, or at any of the school events. Don’t delay, love on Wilson Kids today!

Wildcat GEO Challenge !!!

Our first map check is on Tuesday, October 3rd! Students will meet with one of our Wildcat Geo volunteers in the hallway and identify each continent, country, or landform that they learned for the month of September. Students have the option of mastering Levels 1 through 5! For each level passed, your student will receive a special stamp in their Wildcat Travel Log. 

This is our first check day for a brand new program this year! Our goal is to make this geography challenge a positive experience for students and volunteers as we learn together!



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